We Are Suffering , We Need Assistance – Kano Foreign Students Plead With Ganduje

I write  with deep concern about the plight of Kano state students on foreign scholarships. It’s my hope that by using this medium our message will reach the authorities concerned and proper actions will be taken.

I am one of the students studying In Egypt. For the past several months we’ve been using many channels to reach the authorities responsible for taking care of us.

We’ve sent several letters to the scholarship board, we’ve written an open letter to the Governor (Obviously because we don’t know how else we can reach him), we’ve spoken with so many radio stations, we even tried calling some politicians that are close to the Governor but still, nothing is said or done.

The last time we received allowances was February of this year, almost ten months ago. Since then, all we’ve got is Allah and help from our parents (for those of us whose parents can afford to send them help).

Many of us cannot afford to feed ourselves, we have to rely on the generosity of others.

And right now we’re in the final year, we need some money to finance our projects, but nobody would listen to our complains. Besides that, our residence permits have expired since a long time ago, but we can’t renew them now because the fee is huge, and that exposes us to the danger of prosecution by police and immigration officers.

Some of our brothers and sisters have already graduated, they had to wait for months for the government to send them ticket fares to travel home, but that fare never came. Most of them had to pressurize their parents to sell some properties or borrow the money to buy them flight tickets.

And now they’re exposed to another dilemma, because the government refused to register them for their various professional councils, a registration that costs   huge amount of money that many of our parents cannot afford. And without that registration I dare to say what purpose does the degree serve?

And we’re not alone, there are our brothers in Sudan, India, and Cyprus. And the complains do not differ from one another.

However we are appealing to Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje to immediately look into our plight to attend to our demands with promptness as we are left with no options. country, and if we fail to achieve what we should achieve, the failure will not be our loss alone, the whole country also fail.

Yahya Musa is one of the student studying in Egypt.


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