#GandujeGate : Ahead Of Ja’afar Ja’afar Appearance At Public Hearing , Pupils ‘Protest’ Against Allegation

The Kano state House of Assembly is set to commence the public hearing on the alleged video clips of Governor Abdullahi Ganduje collecting $5m bribe from contractors.

The allegation which was published by Daily Nigerian online has generated a lot of controversy as the government claimed the videos were cloned.

Solacebase observed tight security around the assembly  premises.

The Chairman of the committee , Baffa Baba Dangundi said the publisher of the online newspaper Ja’afar Ja’afar has promised to be at the hearing in the afternoon

However the publisher of the online newspaper, Ja’afar Ja’afar yesterday wrote that information available to him indicated that over 3,000 thugs have been mobilized to be at the venue of the public hearing.

Although the government denied it and described it as a lie.

However on Thursday Solacebase  reporter saw some school children with placards demonstrating against the newspaper publisher.

The questions many are asking is , who put the school children on the street for this?


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