Re-Bauchi South Bye Election: What They Will Not Tell The President

This write up will start with congratulating the entire buharist for the victory in the just concluded senatorial bye elections conducted in both Bauchi and Katsina states respectively. For me it is something worth cherishing and celebrating not just because we won, but also, silent arm chair critics and the hypocrites, the doomsday theorists and day dreamers.

At times hypocrites brag that they support Mr President but on the other hand they do the contrary, dine and wine with his enemies. We know very well that those who support Mr President with the aim of being compensated with appointments or juicy contracts to themselves or to their pay masters have gradually returns to their former bases.

Thus, unlike them we do justice to them we agree that it is not a crime to change as life itself is dynamic, it change from time to time and there is nothing wrong to oppose Mr President policies as a citizen but it is wrong to disguise as his supporter and at the same time support his enemy and expect us to be quiet. We refuse to be quiet.

By the way, it is not in my attitude to condemn someone opinion especially if it relates to politics, because I believe in politics anything can happen as it is a known fact that there is no permanent friend neither permanent enemy. You might be a Buhari supporter today and becomes his enemy tomorrow.

However, I initially not want to join issues with Abdullahi Dass in an opinion published in many national dailies on August 18 2018, but the level of misinformation require clarification.

Though, am not of the view that all he wrote were not true, because I believe in the principle that, in any situation there must be an iota of truth in a story.

The writer might be right to some extent but frankly the large chunk of his piece are nothing but blatant lies and is absolutely nothing nut a doctored revelation from the pit of hell. It is totally economic with the reality on ground.

Let’s analyse his major points of argument: ”The result was an anti-climax. The APC candidate got mere less than 48.79 percent of the total number of votes, while other parties got 51.21 percent. Therefore, if the opposition parties had come together and implemented their agreement under the Coalition of United People’s Party (CUPP) and present just one candidate against the ruling party’s candidate, the APC would have lost the election in a state hitherto considered as a safe zone for the President” He said.

For me, I considered this statements as his first blunder. If he is a good student of history he will be quiet aware that from 2003 when Buhari ventured into active politics, he never lost election in Bauchi south senatorial district and in fact, he always wins with wide margin. But he should also know that in all those years Buhari’s party won senatorial election in only 2007 and 2015 before this recent bye election victory while PDP won in 2003, bye election in 2010 and in 2011 too.

For instance, In 2010 bye-election; Adamu Gumba of People’s Democratic Party (PDP), received 273,764 vote to defeat Danjuma Dabo of Buhari party i.e. the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), who came in distance third with mere 56,294 votes.

However In 2011 elections, Gumba scored 312,627 votes, defeated Alhaji Muhammed Ibrahim of the All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP) with 114,281 votes. Therefore, if senatorial election determines All Progressive Congress (APC) particularly Buhari victory in Bauchi South Senatorial district then, why did the president won with wide margin in 2003 and 11 despite the fact that PDP captured the senatorial seat?

The initiator of this junk revelation also made another big blunder for saying that: ’’by general election if the APC had not intervened to reconcile with Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara, Speaker House of Representatives, the situation in Bauchi would have been worse the as the results may not favour APC”. I wonder how any reasonable person would made that statement.

Would the writer not even feel ashamed to think that Yakubu Dogara that rode on Buhari’s backed in 2015 can add any political value to him in Bauchi? Even in Dass, Tafawa-Balewa, Bogoro his constituency he is not that much important anymore as he only has the backing of few greedy politicians.

The writer should also go and read history ,Buhari has never win election in Bogoro that is Dogara LGA, even in 2015 Dogara Yakubu won in Bogoro but the Sayawas voted massively that sent Jonathan packing . Then, if he can’t win his Bogoro for Buhari in 2015 what is he going to offer in 2019? So, for those celebrating PDP victory in Bogoro during bye election they are just wasting their time. In my opinion I think Bogoro is not that much important compare to the hype they got because they have few vote than the other six LGAs. So, keep your pride aside.

Finally, those of us, the genuine supporters of Mr President who are happy with his style of leadership and we will always be with him no matter how, because we believe his anti-corruption crusade and pragmatic long-term social and economic policies can easily transform this country from a once stagnant and impoverish nation to well sophisticate and economically stable country. And for those of you that are doubting his popularity, Bauchi, Katsina and Kogi are my witness and the rest, time shall tell.

Abdullahi Isah is a Kano based Journalist that can be reached through 08066048290 and





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