NRM Attributes Leadership Challenges Facing Nigeria To Money Politics

The National Chairman of the Nigeria Rescue Movement (NRM) Senator Saidu Muhammad Dansadau has attributed leadership challenges facing the country to increasing use of money in Nigeria politics.

He said the use of money whereby electorate are bought over with the money distributed to them mostly erode emergence of qualitative candidates in elections.

Dansadau, a former senator from Zamfara State, told Solacebase in an exclusive interview in  Kano that the situation has led to many corrupt people winning elections only for them to recoup their money they have invested during electioneering.

He expressed disappointment in the present administration in what he called loss of sense of direction, noting that the government is having a lot of policy somersault.

Senator Saidu Muhammad Dansadau dissociated his party,Nigeria Rescue Movement (NRM) from the coalition that merged with the PDP last week .

”Our party has credibility as its watch word, hence for us to go into alliance with any party , it has to be parties that has the thought of the people at heart, ”said Dansadau.

He adduced that the prevailing poverty and insecurity in the northern part of the country to be the handiwork of the weak and selfish leaders that does not have the development of the region in their mind.

He challenged northern leaders to reflect back to the administration of  the late premier of the region Ahmadu Bello, the Prime Minister  Tafawa Balewa and Malam Aminu Kano of the NEPU and PRP.

He said political leaders in the region should borrow a leaf from Lagos State on how the state controlled the insecurity caused by activities of miscreants of the Odua People’s Congress (OPC).

Dansadau noted that Lagos under the stewardship of Bola Tinubu and his successors evolved effective leadership recruitment system through the application of scientific approach.

He said “unlike what most of our governors do in the north; they would bring somebody, a charlatan who will not perform better than them, as dealing with insecurity in Nigeria is about good governance.

He argued that the social, economic and security challenges facing the country was the manifestation of many years of bad governance under the stewardship of old politicians.

According to him, the party would also initiate constitutional amendments to grant financial autonomy to demystify the local government administration and enhance its operations.

“NRM will put in place effective mechanism to encourage retired permanent secretaries, professors and accomplished personalities to vie for State Houses of Assembly and local councils’ elections, to checkmate flagrant abuse of the institutions by the governors.

“The party will also change leadership recruitment through objective processes and accord concessionary candidature to women to contest gubernatorial elections,’’ he added.

Dansadau called on youths to shun thuggery, money politics and reject fraudulent politicians, to encourage growth of democratic governance in the country.


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