Experts clamour for Awareness, Impact Assessment to Tackle Plastic Pollution

Environmental experts on Tuesday advocated awareness creation and community participation to mitigate the negative impact of plastic pollution in Kano.

The stakeholders who spoke at an occasion, marking the 2018 World Environmental Day at Bayero university Kano, worried over the proliferation of plastic carbon waste from domestic and production sources in the state. 

Head of Environmental Management department, Bayero universityKano, Dr. Luka Fitto Bubba stressed the devastating impact of plastic pollution on human and aquatic lives, reminded that lack of basic awareness worsen the menace.

Dr. Luka explained that Bayero University in collaboration with environmental agencies and associates to dissect challenges of plastic waste and device strategic measures to reduce the societal burden.

Chairman of Nigeria Environmental Society (NES) in Kano, Dr. Ado Bello who raised concern over the environmental degradation, especially during the raining season, regretted the in activeness of impact assessment and audit policy in the country.

The NES chairman said government has failed in the entrusted responsibility of ensuring enforcement and implementation of policies on environment. He lamented that the absence of  assessment has resorted to collapse of several social facilitates.

According to him ” Beyond our lack of awareness and education about the danger attached to plastic waste, government on his part needs to put in place precautionary measures to check the environmental predicament in our society.

”  Part of our concern is the absence of proper enforcement and regulations of environmental impact assessment and audit. Failure of this measures are responsible for dilapidated project”. Dr. Ado.

Director, Pollution in the Kano state ministry of environment, Engr. Mustapha Mohammad blamed residents for indiscriminate plastic waste disposal in the society.

He reminded that the state government in collaboration with Federal ministry of environment have concluded plans to launch a recycling plant, that will transform waste to wealth in Kano

Also speaking , promoter of an online platform on environmental issues,Baraka For Enviroment, Baraka Bashir emphasized the need for government to formulate enviromental policies that will discourage use of plastic materials and  educate the public on the dangers associated with plastic pollution.

“To beat plastic pollution, we need to entirely rethink our approach to designing, producing and using plastic products. This World Environment Day, our goal is to inspire the kind of solutions that lead to sustainable behaviour change upstream. We’ll build on the global momentum to beat plastic pollution and use World Environment Day as a turning point to inspire innovators, activists and leaders worldwide to do more than just clean up existing plastics, but also focus our action upstream,” said Baraka.


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