2019 Presidency : Kingsley Moghalu Joins YPP

Former Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, and 2019 presidential hopeful, Prof. Kingsley Moghalu, has declared to seek election under the Young Progressive Party, YPP.

Prof. Kingsley Moghalu,  addressing a press conference in Abuja Thursday, where he formally declared to join YPP, said the political party among several others registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, was the only one that could give Nigerians hope.

He promised to establish  innovative based economy, restructure the country for regional prosperity and effective budget system if elected as president  . He said he chose the YPP because, according to him, the party answered all his questions in affirmative.

He explained that he could not join the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC or the opposition Peoples Democratic amid,PDP, because they were parties that sweep away truth and replace them with lies and umbrella that block the light of hope.

Describing the YPP as a “great dare, a tantalizing promise and a notice of evacuation to Nigeria’s recycled political party,” Moghalu called on Nigerians within and outside the shore of their country to quickly join him in the YPP so they could rescue the country from collapse.

He said:”I am here today to announce that in response to the parties of the past, in response to umbrellas that block out the light of hope, and brooms that sweep away truth and replace them with lies, in response to the parties of tired old tricks and tired old systems and tired old men, I and millions across Nigeria will choose the Young Progressive Party, YPP.

“We need those who want to shake up the House of Representatives, to shake up the Houses of Assembly and shake up our local government councils across Nigeria to join us now, and work with us to execute our plans.”

Mogahlu said he has chosen YPP as a platform to realise his ambition because he wanted to inspire Nigerians to look to the future and not to the past.

The ex-CBN Deputy Governor said when elected, he would improve Nigeria’s human capital investments, promote renewable energy and turn a blind eye to the crude oil that has greased the economy for decades.

Hear him:“My economic vision is one that is not based on oil or natural resources, but on innovation and human capital,”

. “The future of Nigeria rests in technocratic interventions. We need thinking people that will take Nigeria from the politics of stomach infrastructure to politics of mental infrastructure, “he added. The former banker vowed to reposition Nigeria for economic prosperity “by creating an enabling environment for a productive, innovation-led economy, with a better approach to taxation that will reduce dependence oil revenues.”

“My government will establish a productive innovation-led economy that reduces dependence on oil revenues, establish a public-private venture capital fund with a minimum capital of N500 billion (with private sector co-investment to fund could attain a size of N1 trillion) to create jobs by investing in new businesses by unemployed youth, reform the Nigerian Police Force by recruiting, training and equipping a minimum of 1.5 million persons with improved remuneration to create safe and secure communities, empower women with a 50:50 gender parity policy in political appointments, and initiate a constitutional restructuring of Nigeria to restore true federalism for stability and prosperity,” he added.

He spoke further:” I thought about why I have joined politics- the imperative of a radically new political leadership for Nigeria, one with a vision and the capacity to build a new and different future for our country. That meant almost automatically that I would not be part of the old order of failed and recycled politicians that have run pur country with poverty, insecurity and corruption as our Nation legacy “.


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