Death Toll In Birni Gwari Attack Rises To 71

Death toll raises to 71 in Gwaska village of Birni Gwari  as Governor Nasir El-Rufai visit on Monday with  thirteen more dead bodies recovered and buried, according to Birni Gwari Vanguards For Security and Good Governance. 

A statement released by the group said many people are still missing. 

It   acknowledged the solidarity visit by  Governor El-Rufai to the scene of Attack at Gwaska village on Monday. Although he was unable  to address the survivors of the attack due to resistance of the youth at Gwaska and Doka Village respectively.

However, the group commend the governor for identifying with them for the first time in this hour of grief and sorrow. It is our hope that, his promise of a military battalion in Birnin-Gwari will be actualized in earnest to forestall further attacks”.

The group said it would like to draw the attention of authorities concerned to further take security measures at Doka  and Maganda districts from the grabs of the armed bandits.

“We are calling on the authorities based on reliable information from the survivors of Gwaska attack, that, Dogo Gide that killed Buharin Daji renegades are planning to attack other villages and towns”. We pray that God will not allow them.

While commending the gallant vigilantes and volunteers as well as security agencies  for their sterling performance in the rescue and evacuation of casualties, the association is appealing for all peace loving people of Birnin-Gwari to be on alert and report suspicious persons and movements to the security agencies.



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