Why Governors Cannot Guarantee Security In States- Yari

Chairman of Nigeria’s Governors’ Forum (NGF), Governor Abdul’aziz Yari of Zamfara, says state governors cannot enforce maximum security in their domains because they are not in control of security agencies.

Abdul’aziz Yari stated this in a chat with newsmen in Abuja at the end of an NGF meeting yesterday.

Solacebase learnt the NGF meeting, the third in 2018, was convened to address critical issues facing the governors in their states in relation with the Federal Government.

He said: “We are not in control of either the soldiers or the police or any other security men but what we can do is to sit down with security men in our respective states to support security agencies.

“In terms of logistics, we are doing our best and we will continue to support the federal government in this regard.”

The NGF chairman also told newsmen that the security challenge facing the nation was a global phenomenon which governments all over the world are striving to contain.

‘’The security situation in the country is a global issue and everywhere people are dealing with the security problem.

“The problem of security is what was inherited before the administration of today and before some of our governors emerged as governors and so as governors we are working to put in our best to support the security agencies in our respective states with logistics; that is what we can only do,” he said.



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