Investigative Journalism Enhance Social Transformation- Moghalu


A former deputy governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Prof. Kingsley Moghalu,  says speaking truth to power is not easy.

He said this on Friday, while delivering a lecture at 4th anniversary of The Niche Newspaper in Lagos.

Prof. Moghalu, a Presidential Aspirant said one of the major ways by which the media can play the role of a catalyst in social transformation is through investigative journalism.

“By uncovering evidence of malfeasance and shedding light on social ills, journalists can influence public discourse in a major way,” he said.

“There is so much that is wrong with our country today, and a vibrant tradition of investigative reporting can help change this.

“The tradition of investigative reporting in Nigeria has been dying slowly as news has become more commercialised

“Speaking truth to power and going beyond press releases is never easy, but that is what must be done in order to truly make an impact.

“Good investigative journalism is about resources and the ability for editors and publishers to resist external pressure when reporters ask uncomfortable questions. There is a general absence of both, and that is a key reason why there are so many important stories which remain untold.”