Kano Embraces Open Government Partnership For Transparency, Accountability

Kano State government has embraced open government partnership as the second sub national policy because its principles are in line with the policies of the present administration on transparency and accountability ad well as zero tolerance on corruption.

Chairman Kano Public complaints and anti corruption commission Muhuyi Magaji Romingado who is also the co chair of Open government partnership OGP stated this on Thursday during the official opening of a two say retreat organized for government MDA’s and civil society partners, to review thematic areas of OGP commitments and development of state action plan.

Muhuyi  Magaji said Kano state governor already affirmed that Kano state government is committed to OGP principles especially as it relates to the vigorous pursuit of relevant thematic areas peculiar to the State , and he is ready to do anything possible to ensure the success of the program in the State.

He cherished all stakeholders for their commitments and the zeal to see to the success of the program, “ as we gathered here today for the round of proposed retreat, aimed at stimulating the process of government partnership in Kano state. He assured the civil society groups on the government readiness to continue partnering with the civil society groups and other citizens groups and co partners in other to achieve the desired result

“The Kano OGP is special in terms of respecting the principles of co creation ,through partnering with the civil society organizations and other citizens groups, currently we have a functional Secretariat at Gandun Albada and a vehicle for its day to day activities in addition to good understanding and working as co partners to achieve the desired goals

He revealed further that states are closer to the people and it is important to engage at a level where governments can engage with citizens directly, especially on service delivery, adding: “If states begin to participate in anti-corruption reforms then there is a greater potential for improved results across the whole country.

“Adopting OGP reforms, at the state level will among other things improve the reputation of such states and potentially make them the preferred destinations for both donor funds and foreign direct investment. Working with civil society to co-create commitment areas will also increase the participation of the voices of non-state actors for the overall improvement of governance.

One of the speakers and a representative of USAID RTI Lead Mr Borve Mabel commends the commitment and leadership of OGP in Kano, nothing that Kano is now a lead State in the implementation of the OGP process.

Also speaking one of the OGP facilitators and a lecturer Prof James Sasha highlighted the key areas of Kano State commitments which include 1-fiscal transparency

2-access to information 3- service delivery 4- anti corruption 5- access to justice 6- citesen engagement. Which he said if fully implemented with place Kano at the international radar as open governor partnership is an international concept.

The thematic areas were earlier agreed in December by the government side and the civil society organizations to ensure transparency and accountability in governance, which are refereed to as thematic areas.

On her part the co chair of OGP Hajiya Halima Ben Umar reiterated the civil societies’ commitment to the success of the program, adding that is all about Kano and all hands must be on deck to ensure its success.

The two day retreat will accord participants the opportunity to develop a State action plan , which will be a guiding document for the implement of the program.

It could be recalled that Kano state governor had officially joined the OGP process and appoint Muhuyi Magaji as the focal person.

Anambra, Kaduna, and Kano will be the first three out of the 36 Nigerian states to officially sign unto the Open Government Partnership. The OGP principles state that professional organizations and equal numbers of civil society will be requested to analyze these commitments and work to create a State Action Plan as quickly as possible.



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