Nigeria Slipping Into A Failed State, We Need To Stop It, CBN Ex- Deputy Gov.


Nigeria is slipping into becoming a failed state and the need to stop it is now, Kingsley Moghalu said.

A Presidential hopeful, Prof. Kingsley Moghalu raised this alarm in an exclusive interview with Solacebase in Kano on Saturday while  speaking on the reasons for joining the presidential race.

Prof. Kingsley Moghalu said the security challenges facing the country needs a holistic approach as the challenges seems to be overwhelming the police.

He said the communal clashes , Herdsmen/ Farmers attacks, Kidnappings and increasing suicide attacks by Boko Haram claim lives on a daily bases in the country presently as citizens are losing hope in the country.

He explained that all the indices of a failed society are almost present in Nigeria today as a country, hence the urgent need to redeem the nation from incompetent leadership.

Prof. Kingsley Moghalu while proffering solution to the security challenges of Nigeria lamented the inadequate number of police personnel in the country of over 170 million people and a police strength of not more than 350,000 personnel.

“At least the police need over 1.5 million personnel to actively protect the country considering our population. Incidentally while we are bothered with inadequate police personnel, half of the 350,000 policemen are doing guard duties with important personalities   Also we ought to be able to control our border and stop giving  excuses of a porous border.”

The former deputy governor of Central Bank of Nigeria for about 5 years promised if elected to ensure increase funding and specialized training of the police to be accorded top priority as no investor will be willing to invest in any country where there is insecurity nor will the citizens be productive with high rate criminal activities.

He said working at the United Nations at the top level for over 17 years in different countries has prepared him well for the presidency of Nigeria as his wealth of experience will be brought to bear In governance.

The Executive Director, Institute for Governance and Economic Transformation, Prof. Kingley Moghalu urges Nigerians to support his movement to salvage the country for generations yet unborn.


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