Former APC National Lead Singer Attempts Suicide In Kano

A  middle aged man  Ismail  Abdullahi Shabege early Friday mounted a  400 feet transmitter of Famers radio station , an affiliate of Kano state radio corporation calling for the resignation of Chairman of Nigeria Governors Forum  and Zamfara State , Alhaji Abdulaziz Yari or he will not descend from the mast.

Ismail  Abdullahi Shabege an indigene of Zamfara state and resident in Kano said in a letter he dropped  before climbing the mast said the increasing unemployment rate among the youth in the country and unfulfilled promises by  political leaders  are some of his reasons for embarking on the suicide act .

The middle aged man who is also a  popular local musician in the north  and the former  national  Chairman ,All Progressive Congress ( APC ) Singers , demanded the federal government to provide employment to 10,000 gifted and talented youth as a panacea to increasing crime rate.

He noted that Gov. AbdulAziz Yari has to pay him compensation for putting him and his family  in  economic quagmire as he was the leading singer that assisted him to win 2015 governorship election without being compensated after several promises.

However  after  vowing to  stay put at  the top edge of the mast if President Muhammadu Buhari  himself did not appeal to him to come down from the mast , three  Personnel of Kano state fire service had to climb the mast appealing to him and assuring  that his demands would be addressed.

The managing Director of Kano state Radio Corporation Umar  Sa’du Tudunwada  had to join  in the appeal for the youngster  to descend from the mast.

He subsequently acceded to their appeal and descended from the mast and was later whisked away by men of the Department of State Security.

Solacebase learnt that getting him out of the vicinity was a herculean task as hundreds of spectators besiege the area with some stoning  the security vehicles and there windshield damaged.

Below is a letter he wrote before climbing the mast



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