Kano Youths Appeal To President Buhari To Reconsider Peace Corps’ Bill

Youths in Kano state under the auspice of Kano Youths for Change Initiative (KYCI) have appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to reconsider his stand on the Peace Corps bill.

Addressing a press conference in Kano on Monday, President of the initiative, Zahradeen Ahmed, called on the president Buhari to look deeply at the substance of the bill and what the nation stand to
benefit if assented.

He said, “We appeal to president Buhari to recall the bill and append his esteem signature on it. We believe this will serve as one of the most effective and a viable avenue for job creation for the benefit of the teeming unemployed youth across the country.

“President Buhari should understand that the Peace Corps is not a security outfit as alleged by other security agencies like the Police, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps and Nigerian Intelligence
Agency among others. Rather it is core advocacy and technical support agency meant to provide legitimate supportive skills for our youths as proactive instrument for growth and development tool.”

He explained that the corps could have been sublime panacea against communal, inter-ethnic and cult-related crisis through intelligence gathering from social events, schools and markets among other public places in order to help security agencies tackle the security challenges bedevilling the country.

He said, “The abduction of Chibok schoolgirls in Borno state and Dapchi schoolgirls in Yobe state can be averted if members of Peace Corps were in place or allowed to man schools as inculcated in the
bill. We are amazed as to why such an ideal bill passed by the NASS will be rejected by a president that promised to put the country on the path to national rebirth for growth and development.

“We perceived that the president’s decision to withhold assent to the Peace Corps bill was informed by the handiwork of the few parochial interests working against Nigerians for their selfish interest.

“We want ask our father, president Buhari, what do we then expect from these youths other than increase in organised crimes and other mischievous activities that may lead to social vices?”

It would be recalled that the Peace Corps bill was passed into law by the National Assembly in 2017, but it was announced last month that president Buhari has refused to assent the bill.


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